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Catch every last drop of milk with leak-free confidence. Pair of silicone milk collection cups (1 oz/30 ml).

Elvie know how much you hate to see precious milk go to waste— so do they. And they also know that every mama should be able to leave the house without worrying about leaks. 

Enter Elvie Catch, a pair of silicone milk collection cups designed for total comfort and confidence—even if you experience heavy leakage. That way, you can discreetly collect extra milk while making wet patches a thing of the past. Ain’t no stopping you now, mama.

Catch up to 30 ml between feeds

Worn comfortably for up to three hours, Elvie Catch collects 1 oz/30 ml of milk on each side. Once full, simply decant, rinse, then place back in-bra.


Slip-proof silicone skirt seal

Elvie's unique slip-proof silicone skirts create a soft and gentle seal against your skin, giving you leak-free confidence while ensuring none of your liquid gold ever goes to waste.


Out of sight

Designed for the natural shape of a woman’s breast, our collection cups sit discreetly in your bra to collect milk as you go about your day. No one will ever know…


Replaces single-use breast pads

Elvie Catch is easy to clean and ideal to use time and time again. So you can ditch the single-use breast pads—saving your precious milk, and your pennies.


Features include: 


Reusable: Replace single-use breast pads and save money in the long run.

1 oz/30 ml per cup: Raised nipple holes create additional space to collect milk and make decanting your milk easy. 

Easy to clean: The 2-part design makes it quick to assemble and easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher.

BPA free: Safe for mother and baby. Free from BPA and phthalates.