Available in super soft jersey cotton stylish multi-coloured spotty design with beautifully cosy white brushed cotton lining. Move babies as they sleep whilst fully supporting your baby’s head, neck and spine. (Getting babies to sleep is one thing but keeping them asleep when you move them is quite another)!

Our totally gorgeous new-born baby blankets have fully safety tested soft, strong handles allowing you to effortlessly lift, lay and move your baby while they sleep, without waking them; giving you more time to rest, relax and recover.

Ideal Baby Travel Blanket.  This is the ideal baby travel blanket as it fits into everything and goes everywhere. Travelling with a baby has never been easier thanks to the Snugglebundl. Simply pick up your baby in the cosy Snugglebundl and lift them gently in and out of car seats, pushchairs, prams, supermarket trolley seats, cots and cribs without disturbing them.

Easy Lifting After Birth.  Avoid awkward bending and stooping and help to maintain good posture by using the world’s first baby lifting blanket! The Snugglebundl even makes lifting your baby after a c-section incredibly easy, taking the strain away from your back, pelvic and stomach muscles and helping you to enjoy a much speedier post birth recovery.

Perfect Breast Feeding Blanket. The Snugglebundl is not only a gorgeous blanket and snuggly wrap for your baby but it also makes a perfect, no fuss and discreet breastfeeding cover; ideal for breastfeeding in public.

Product Information and Features.

* Use from new-born to 6 months

* Multi award winning-Voted by parents

* Made from soft natural 100% cotton

* Soft padding under head area and in the hood

* Extra strength soft padded handles(tested to 30kg/66lbs)

* Fully machine washable, and tumble dryable

* Fully safety tested to comply with European safety directives

* Allows you to lift baby with a straight back, protecting your posture

* Can be safely secured in car seats, pushchairs, prams and trolley seats

Snugglebundl - the most useful baby product you’ll ever own!!