Moba Moses Basket - Dove Grey

  • Moba Moses Basket - Dove Grey
  • Moba Moses Basket - Dove Grey
  • Moba Moses Basket - Dove Grey
  • Moba Moses Basket - Dove Grey
Moba Moses Basket Features: 


    • Moba® is the only moses basket with integrated handles designed to be strong and durable for safety. All other moses baskets have woven palm or cotton handles that flop into the basket or could snap off!
    • Moba® moses basket is made from a bespoke plastic that is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic, it can also be thoroughly washed. This means it is super hygienic and perfect for babies sensitive skin!
    • Moba® moses basket has over 300 air holes around the sides and base of the basket to maximise ventilation. Designed without unnecessary frills, padding and hood to promote airflow.
    • Moba® moses basket comes with a luxury mattress and a 100% pure cotton liner.
    • The unique Moba® mattress has a wipe clean top cover that is temperature regulating, fully air permeable and reversible. The Moba® mattress is hypoallergenic and PVC free so it is perfect for babies sensitive skin. The top cover can be machine washed at 60 degrees, which is the temperature that dust mites are killed, this helps prevent allergies such as asthma and eczema. Our foam core provides adequate level of support.
    • Moba® moses basket is completely recyclable and made in the UK at an ISO approved factory. The quality is guaranteed and the product comes with a very low carbon footprint.
    • Moba® moses baskets have been designed without hoods as they restrict airflow to your baby, creating a heat pocket and also prohibiting vision, in a Moba you can see your baby from all angles.
    • Moba® moses basket is completely silent so no more rustling and creaking wicker! 



Moses Basket Stand: 


      The Moba stand's curved base allows you to gently rock your baby to sleep, it also features adjustable safety stops giving you the choice of rocking or static positions. Made from sustainably sourced wood with flexible plastic hoops designed to hug the sides of you moba moses basket for a secure fit.