Cybex Solution G i-Fix - Deep Black

  • Cybex Solution G i-Fix - Deep Black
  • Cybex Solution G i-Fix - Deep Black
  • Cybex Solution G i-Fix - Deep Black
  • Cybex Solution G i-Fix - Deep Black


With the Cybex Solution G i-Fix high-back booster car seat your child will experience supreme comfort ‒ while top safety features keep them safe. Your child can sit back in the space and comfort of their reclining seat. The patented reclining headrest ensures their head stays in a safe position ‒ even when they’re asleep. Side protection and an adjustable fit deliver solid safety and support over years of travel.

Features include: 

  • Improved sleeping comfort: First-class relaxation on the road. The Solution G i-Fix is our first high-back booster seat with a one-hand seat recline. You’ll see how easy it is to find the best position for a soothing sleep.
  • A safer sleeping position: With a car seat this comfortable, sleep is practically guaranteed. A patented 3-position reclining headrest supports stopping your child’s head falling forward when they doze off. Their head and neck stay protected by the car seat as they sleep.
  • Protects during a side collision: The L.S.P. System Plus can divert up to 20% of side-impact forces away from your child*. An energy-absorbing shell then safely neutralizes this force. *Compared to the same seat without an L.S.P. System.
  • Height-adjustable headrest and flexible side wings: The height-adjustable headrest and flexible side wings allow a tailored fit throughout years of rapid growth. Adjust the headrest upwards as your child gets taller. Flexible side wings let the seat grow with the child for maximum comfort.
  • Stays cool on hot days: The air ventilation system keeps your child cool. Cooling air flows through the car seat ‒ carrying away heat, lowering the seat temperature and keeping your child comfortable and happy.
  • Safe and effortless installation: ISOFIX delivers fast and secure installation you can rely on. Install the car seat by simply clicking it into your vehicle’s Isofix points.