Joolz Day3 in Marvellous Green with Matching Footmuff - EX-DISPLAY

  • Joolz Day3 in Marvellous Green with Matching Footmuff - EX-DISPLAY
  • Joolz Day3 in Marvellous Green with Matching Footmuff - EX-DISPLAY
  • Joolz Day3 in Marvellous Green with Matching Footmuff - EX-DISPLAY
  • Joolz Day3 in Marvellous Green with Matching Footmuff - EX-DISPLAY
  • Joolz Day3 in Marvellous Green with Matching Footmuff - EX-DISPLAY
£699.00 (was £983.95)

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The Marvellous Green Day3 will make you stand out from the crowd! The rich green fabric combined with mid-brown leatherette details, a silver chassis and black wheels will make heads turn.

The Joolz Day³ is made to navigate the city in chic comfort. The premium look and features cleverly blend style and functionality, making it the perfect pushchair for parents that love design just as much as we do. The see-through cot ventilation allows a flow of fresh air, whereas the head cushion on the mattress and adjustable footrest provide extra support for your child’s head and feet.

The seat at table height can be used as a highchair. And thanks to the compact folding, the Joolz Day³ can easily be stored, even in the smallest city apartments.


Features include: 

  • Suitable from birth -  when using your Joolz Day3 Carrycot.
  • Hypo-allergenic mattress with extra head cushion - the Joolz Day3 mattress offers extra comfort around babys head. On warm days, you'll turn your mattress to discover the world through the mesh.
  • XL sunhood with air-top - To protect your baby against the warm sun, the extended sun hood offers shade. The air-top ensures your baby gets fresh air and is in contact with you.
  • High cot and seat - When seated in a restaurant, just pull your little one up to the table, and you'll never have to bend down deep for a cuddle - your back will thank you for that.
  • Upright, open harness with magnetic buckle - Because the harness stays upright in an open position, the Joolz Day3 receives your child with open arms. Thanks to the magnetic buckle, your child is seated quickly and safely.
  • Three ergonomic seating postions, both parent and world facing - The improved seat provides the ultimate lying and sitting comfort. The seat is reversible, so your little one can freely face you or the world.
  • Ergonomic bumper bar - The bumper bar can be opened with one hand, from both sides - even with a child on your arm. You also use the bumper bar to carry the cot.
  • One hand adjustable footrest - Unfortunately all those cute baby clothes wont grow along with your child - but your footrest will do! This way, you always get the support you need.
  • Adjustable handlebar - Mum and/or Dad, Grandma and/or Grandpa, and not forgetting the babysitter: they can all walk with a straight back and comfortable stride.
  • Easy to manoeuvre - The Joolz Day3 can easily be steered with just one hand in small shops, narrow alleys or the underground.
  • Four-wheel suspension - This is the four-wheel drive of pushchairs. You can push it over bumps and forest trails while your child sleeps soundly.
  • Super smooth folding - In one motion, the Joolz Day3 is folded and also free-stands.
  • Easy-access basket - Shopping, picnicking or a trip to the playground: the easy-access basket fits it all.
  • Ultra light and puncture-proof tyres - The tyres are made of ultra light rubber; 100% puncture-proof. Thanks to the air chambers, they also provide a smooth ride and absorb any bumps along the way.
  • Compact size - In the lift, on the underground or navigating a narrow aisle. With a width of just 59cm, you are nice and mobile.
  • Lockable swivel wheels - Strolling down a gravel path or a bumpy forest trail? Just lock the swivel wheels and off you go! Incredibly smooth from market square to forest trail.
  • Sleek Dutch design - A streamlined chassis, leatherette touch points and sophisticated fabrics.
  • Made in the Netherlands - The Joolz Day3 was not only designed in the Netherlands - it is also produced there.
  • Dimensions: Unfolded 90 x 59 x 99 – 109 cm, Folded without seat 65 x 59 x 30 cm, Folded without wheels 70 x 55 x 23 cm, Folded with seat 95 x 59 x 43 cm, Cot Inside 81,5 x 43 x 25 cm, Cot mattress size 77 x 34 x 3 cm, Front wheel 7 inch, Rear wheel 12 inch
  • Weights: Joolz Day3 with seat 12,9 kg, Chassis 9,3 kg, Chassis without wheels 6,3 kg, Seat 3,6 kg, Cot 4,6 kg, Weight capacity XL shopping basket 5 kg max, Weight capacity Joolz Day 20 kg max