Chicco Video Digital Essential Baby Monitor


Chicco Essential Digital Video Baby Monitor is a fantastic product which allows you to see your child at all times, you are able to stay in contact both indoors and outdoors.

The Essential has a large 2.4-inch display along with a function which allows you to control the display brightness. Furthermore there is an adjustable infrared video camera which allows high quality images day or night.

The Essential also has a small night light which you are able to change the intensity of which helps your baby sleep and lets you slowly phase it out.

You have the option to set the voice activation setting; this allows the monitor to only project sounds that are detected by the baby unit which will then alert the parent unit to the disturbance.

The Chicco Essential Digital Video Baby Monitor allows continuous communication between the baby and the parent.

Both Essential units can operate with batteries (one rechargeable lithium battery included for the parent unit) or an AC adapter (two included).


Night light

Night Vision Voice Activation

High quality video

2.4” large display

Brightness Control for display

Compact handheld parent unit


Automatic channel switching private communication

Large speakers for sound output 150 meter range

Adjustable Infra-red camera

Zero Interference – Clear Sound