Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor

  • Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor
  • Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor
  • Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor
  • Babymoov Easy Care Baby Monitor

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The Easy Care Baby Monitor combines the zero interference of digital technology with low-emission power levels to protect baby's health.

The easy care baby monitor has low electromagnetic emissions using Digital Green Technology, making it one of the safest on the market. The modern day home is filled with electromagnetic radiation, every electrical device produces electromagnetic fields (EMF); these fields layer, one upon another, to create harmful soup of radiation. Studies have shown that babies absorb 60% more of these electromagnetic waves than adults. Parents may inadvertently be putting their infant at risk by increasing exposure to EMFs in their bedroom, particularly if they use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) monitors, mobile phones, digital clocks, and wifi around their baby. Research into the effects of EMF exposure have resulted in conclusive evidence that even moderate levels can cause biological stress, whilst prolonged exposure can have more serious effects upon the immune system.

The Premium care Baby Monitor emits up to 33x less electromagnetic waves than some baby monitors, ensuring the Digital Green Technology is safer for use around little ones. It provides a 500 m range with zero interference, which means there's no risk of picking up other monitors or radio signals. The walkie-talkie function enables parents to communicate with baby from wherever they are in the home.

Lifetime warranty included.

Technical features:

  • Emission power: 2.99 mW**
  • Frequency: 865 MHz
  • 3 AAA Batteries or mains operated (adapters included)