If you thought that the life of a baby shop owner was full of parties and celebrities, you'd be a long way from the truth!  But very occasionally, I do get to dress up and meet some lovely people in the course of my work.  In July, I was very honoured, as a key retailer, to be invited to Yorkshire to attend the celebration of 140 years of Britain's most iconic and best-known pram maker, Silver Cross.  And very exciting it was too, not least because the entertainment at the party was in the rather beautiful shape of a certain Mr Tony Hadley.  Imagine a collective gathering of baby shop owners' excitement at meeting him!  He was as charming as you'd imagine too.

Ask your mum, or grandmother to name a brand of pram, and the chances are they'll name Silver Cross.  Everyone knows and trusts the British firm including us at Bumpstart, which is why we're proud to carry the Wave, Surf, Pioneer and Wayfarer ranges, not forgetting the Avia, their newest stroller.  And, of course at Bumpstart, you can try out the Silver Cross Simplicity car seats in your car too, expertly fitted by one of the team, to make sure that they are suitable.  All these products are in our showroom here at Coddimoor Farm, along with Silver Cross' wonderful range of nursery furniture and bedding.

Meanwhile, back in Yorkshire, Silver Cross certainly know how to throw a party!  We had a delicious three course meal, copious quantities of champagne and "one or two" cocktails AND we were all able to stay the night at the beautiful hotel where the party was held.  As its a long way from just outside Milton Keynes to go for a party, we decided to make a short break of it! Off we went to Harrogate and, as Farmer Bumpstart's head was a little "fragile", I hit the shops!

The following day, we went to the Great Yorkshire Show.  After all, we're proud to combine our Bumpstart business with our family farm here in Whaddon.  Farming is a very important part of our lives too.  The Great Yorkshire show is to be recommended as a fantastic day out - there was a lot to grab our interest!  We dropped in on our lovely friend Vicky from Harrison Spinks who were exhibiting in the Country Living tent.  It was so interesting to see their cotbed mattresses on display, all made in Yorkshire with British wool.  We are also sheep farmers, so it was good to see a company supporting the farming community.  Actually, Harrison Spinks also farm too, so we have a lot in common!

And now, I'm back in Whaddon, with my wonderful team, ready and waiting to share our huge choice of beautiful baby equipment with you.  We also welcome Meghan to our team!  

We look forward to meeting you here soon and Ive got a couple of Tony Hadley photos I can show you too......

Until next time......Helenx